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Teslin has a unique investment philosophy that not only values a healthy return on investment, but also sets great store by the sound business practices and good governance of the companies we invest in.  We firmly believe that a healthy return alone does not necessarily equate to a sound investment. In our view, investing is distinctly different from trading or speculation. Teslin makes a long-term commitment as a co-owner and we take our role as an engaged shareholder extremely seriously. Our task is to keep the boards of the businesses we participate in on their toes. And we always do so in appropriate and constructive fashion.


By participating in one of Teslin's funds, investors become co-owners of a select number of promising companies. They join the good company of fellow entrepeneurs and both individual and institutional investors. Teslin management also invests a substantial part of its own capital in these funds. Shareholders are given the opportunity to regularly visit the companies we invest in to get to know the management teams there. Teslin also arranges regular (informal) meetings for its shareholders to meet other co-owners as well as the Teslin fund management team.

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