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Although a sound return and increasing shareholder value are important goals for us, Teslin does not view investing as being just about profit. The cornerstone of our vision, values and investment philosophy is good governance. As such, it also goes without saying that we apply these values to the way we run our own business, as illustrated by our involvement in industry associations and our signing the United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investment.

logo eumedionTeslin is an active participant in Eumedion, a foundation that represents the corporate governance and sustainability interests of its affiliated institutional investors. The goal of these pension funds, insurance companies, investment organisations and capital managers is to improve the governance, and the environmental and social performance of listed companies.

logo dufasTeslin is also affiliated to the Dutch Fund and Asset Management Association ('DUFAS'), an association of asset managers and investment organisations operating in the Netherlands. DUFAS is not an investment fund, but a Dutch sector organisation run by and for professional asset managers.

logo PRI SigTeslin is a signatory of the Principles for Responsible Investments. Fair and responsible entrepreneurship and investment are integral to Teslin’s investment policies and overall investment philosophy. We use specific investment criteria to select (potential) investments, including (direct and indirect) criteria relating to entrepreneurship. The six Principles for Responsible Investment provide us with a framework for making these decisions.


Teslin Capital Management BV is supervised by the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (Autoriteit Financiële Markten, ‘AFM’) and the Dutch central bank De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB). Teslin is licensed as a manager of (alternative) investment funds as referred to in section 2:65, subsection a of the Netherlands 'Act on Financial Supervision' (Wet op het financieel toezicht). Teslin is registered with the AFM under number 1501445. Click here for a record of AFM licences.

Teslin offers units solely in the Netherlands. The issue and distribution of investor documentation and the offering, publishing or selling of units can be subject to (legal) limitations in certain jurisdictions. Persons who come into possession of Teslin's investor documentation must be aware of these limitations and adhere to them. No offer to obtain units in funds managed by Teslin or any effect derived from this or invitation to make such an offer will be given to a person in any jurisdiction where this is not permitted by the regulations that are applicable there. Teslin is not liable for any violation whatsoever of any such limitation by any person, regardless of whether this person is a potential investor through Teslin.

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